Meet the Founder/CEO

Amanda Thomas is the proud founder of Noblem, a natural skincare business dedicated to providing luxurious experiences to women of color who know they are deserving of more. Despite her ambiguous goals, she’s not afraid to say that her upbringing wasn’t as glamorous as her products.

As a small-town girl who grew up in poverty, there was no such thing as a skincare routine in her life. She would try to get some consistency with her skin routine by testing out in-store products that promised her false hope in having clear and glowing skin. Instead, those products led to her skin issues as she experienced frequent breakouts and skin cracking. 

Even when she served time in the military, she could never find a sense of consistency with her skincare routine. Her skin endured more harsh treatments as the water was chemically processed, causing more breakage of her skin and added flare-ups of eczema. 

One day, she decided that enough was enough, and she set up a plan to create moisturizing skin products that both soothed and repaired the skin. She was fed up with experiencing damaging skin problems, and now she’s dedicated to making sure that no other woman of color goes through the same troubles she had to endure.

Our Mission

Our mission is for our clients to normalize luxury into their daily living while caring for their physical and mental well-being through incorporating high-quality body & skincare products. Noblem will offer sustainable luxury for women of color and their entire families.


Cultivating Authentic Beauty

Authentic beauty is the epitome of our customer’s every desire. We are geared towards ensuring the utmost well-being and self-care of our clients’ skin. We believe authentic beauty is genuine, honest, & purpose-driven. However, it can’t start until the moment you ​decide to be yourself and enhance your natural beauty. 


Our company’s products aim to provide the ultimate sensation of sound well-being. Well-being is a means to perfect mental health, which is why it remains our top priority for our customers. Our products easily complement each other to provide a refreshing skincare experience throughout your day. 


Self-care is vital for every one of our customers. We know that our moisturizing products are the solution to your skin issues, especially if you experience eczema and acne-prone skin. Our products contain antioxidants and antibacterial elements that aid in repairing even the most severe skin issues. 


Our company upholds only the high levels of integrity, which is the key to customer loyalty. Our company majors in beauty and its promises must be equivalent to the outcome. We value our customers and want to restore that young skin feel through our natural products.